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402 Bisbee Rd
Bisbee, AZ, 85603

(520) 432-6704



We have markets for the hard-to-place risk and the small independent business.

The microbrewery to the carpenter.

Small bank? No problem. Business auto fleet? No worries.

Your business may wish to sell liquor or stage events. "Why go anywhere else? We can help with your varied needs"

Nothing too big or too small. Shop your business insurance needs with us and take advantage

of the dozens of companies we have access to.

Workers' comp, group health whether large or small. Hazardous waste. Blanket additional insureds. Plus so much more!

Money sooner is usually better than money later, so let us help your business start saving now!

EVERHART INSURANCE LTD LLC | (office) 520 432-6704 |